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Property sales financed by mortgage under the RTB in Morley are almost entirely houses although 30% of sales in Moortown are flats. Houses are either semi-detached or terraced and have two or three bedrooms. Most houses on the market in Morley are RTB resales but a lender would not necessarily know (unless it is recorded on the valuation report). RTB sales account for a quarter of one local branch’s business. Joint mortgages with relatives are arranged primarily for Asian families and these account for half the branch’s business in the last year.

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 The main is perform in the property field like for doing the valuation of house in the brief manner and doing the legal steps with the expert property valuer. By facing all the smooth and easy steps done by the property valuer you will become fully relax with the property valuation process. RTB business is more straightforward than normal mortgages because the sum of money borrowed is much less than the valuation and usually the current rent is more than the mortgage repayment. One lender did not give mortgages on system built properties unless they are improved.

 In the other lender interviewed mortgage applications for system built properties are usually referred to brokers, and the lender charges a fee to do so. However, it has only refused 2 properties in the last 5 years because of lack of resale value. Some will also not lend on flats over a certain storey height. One of the two lender branches interviewed had not arranged any buy to let mortgages in the recent past although they are available, albeit with a 25% minimum deposit and at a higher interest rate than normal borrowers.

Knowing the house price is never a loss process but always make profit in the real estate field and this way you can increase your house value. By increasing the house price you will face successful ending of the property valuation process. Two local housing managers were interviewed in areas that are composed predominantly of houses. In the Moortown area there were once more than 3000 council housing but the RTB is gradually eroding the total which is now around 2500.

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It is perhaps also worth hanging on to the word .spectrum. in ASD. The world is especially puzzling, and at times threatening, for Christopher, and he physically squeezes into the airing cupboard for security. But an awful lot of people without an ASD label find the world fairly unintelligible and outside their control, and seek their own personal safety zone – perhaps even the splendid Siobhan, who does so much to help Christopher cope with his world and her colleagues. more details: Melbourne Property Valuers

Isn’t it bizarre that we focus so much interest on health services in the USA – the most expensive and inequitable health services in the world? Key to the project’s success was that all who delivered the scheme were involved in its planning. I notice in responses to the latest consultation on human genetics the familiar confusion between .disability. and .suffering.. I suspect that this is partly the .oh you poor thing. approach to disabled people; partly seeing not being able to do what you might want to do as a form of suffering; and partly a rather deliberate linkage to attract those who are instinctively against suffering to sign up to eliminating disability. My closest and most severely disabled friends do suffer from time to time, when they have bad teeth, or trapped wind, or break something; but I don’t see them as suffering from being disabled. From the range of Foundation work dealing with race and ethnicity comes a series of findings, including: Even people with good intentions can mess things up by failing in dealing with individuals to sort out and cater for ethnicity, culture and religion – which don’t always fit together neatly and obviously. Disabled people (as well as women) can be discriminated against by and within their own community and faith groups. (Potential for some nice clashes of rights here.)

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, because it leaves too much room for misplaced assumptions about individuals because of their apparent group identity. Some good sensible stuff here. However, I do wonder how much time the Matron has to talk to individual patients. I also wonder about patients finding it easier to talk to cleaners than to nurses, given the language barriers that sometimes exist with the former. Thirdly, being .fully part of the ward team. sits a little uneasily with contract cleaning, however hard everyone tries.

The story of a very brave 11 year old with a brain tumour. She says something important for all children with scary conditions requiring scary treatment, with uncertain outcomes. I needed to understand, so that I could handle everything that was going to happen.

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commended the work of the regional bodies in urban renewal, and shared his insights into the social dimension of regeneration, urging other sporting and commercial organisations to  commit to helping those around them.

Cited as examples of successful regeneration were the revitalisation of town centres such as Horsham – now competing successfully with its larger neighbour Crawley – and Reading, which had experienced  spectacular change  through well planned development alongside waterways.

He told the conference about the Club’s Football in the Community Programme and its valuable work with Sussex Police to create a community partnership to beat crime and disorderly behaviour.

The majority of the finance will come from the private sector, but the project has also received support from the SEEDA Fund for Regeneration.The business relationship and pay systems are the Key Property Valuation Structures utilized for business properties.  It was  absolutely scandalous , he said, that the South East still had pockets of deprivation.

Giving the region a strong, cohesive voice on these issues should be a priority for all the bodies represented at the conference, said the Chief Executive of the Regional Assembly, Paul Bevan.  With increasingly fierce competition among regions for influence and resources , he said,  the South East – as the UK’s largest region – must work harder to make its voice heard in Whitehall and Brussels.

Urban renewal needed  long term strategic planning that addresses a broad mix of problems in our communities – skills issues, jobs, space for development, transport and funding.

The next step was for this regional network to build a strong and cohesive regional identity for the South East. He said he recognised that, even with more vigorous championing of the region’s interests, there will probably never be enough money for regeneration in the South East.

The South East of England’s position as Europe’s premier location for mobile communications research and development was given a major boost when the Sharp Corporation announced the formation of a European mobile phone development facility in Bracknell, Berkshire.

The decision followed a visit by Mr Terukatsu Iwabe, Divisional Deputy General Manager, Sharp Communications Systems Group. Mr Iwabe visited the region as part of a programme arranged and hosted by Invest UK (DTI) for selected senior Japanese businessmen.

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Chief Executive of e-skills NTO, Karen Price – representing employers of over one million IT professionals in the UK and other users of IT – spoke of the imaginative scheme the e-skills NTO had spearheaded whereby top class IT companies helped to introduce state of the art training into colleges.

Operations Department Manager for the NTO for Engineering Manufacture (EMTA), Lynne Tomkins, examined the South East profile of 15,000 companies, the majority of them SMEs involved in engineering manufacture. She referred to the South East Project which offers tailored training for SMEs using a European Social Fund Grant, allowing 900 employees to achieve a recognised qualification and contribute to improving the competitiveness of the engineering sector. This does not however deduce that The Land Valuation way of thinking is being facilitated less.
Delegates had the opportunity to visit National Training Organisation stalls to find our more about the work of 14 of the 73 NTOs that cover sectors ranging from Sports and Recreation to e-skills, and from Financial Services to Construction. Work has begun on a new business park in Kent that will offer unique, first class workspace for established businesses and innovative startups.

Shearway Business Park, located at junction13 (Folkestone) of the M20, will strategically place enterprising ventures just 65 miles from London and right at the gateway to continental Europe. has led the development of Shearway Business Park with Shepway District Council. Basepoint plc has designed a new £3.5 million enterprise complex, which will be the first building to be completed on new site by Spring 2002. The company, which will manage the centre, has successfully run seven similar complexes across the South East.

the Enterprise Agency and the Education Business Partnership for Folkestone Hythe and Romney Marsh, under the umbrella of the Shepway Business Centre. Creating a successful Urban Renaissance  in towns and villages throughout the South East of England needs the active participation of local communities and businesses, as well as a stronger commitment from Government and local authorities.

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This means protecting and, in many cases, enhancing biodiversity within local areas and often contributing to greater gains in the wider environment, for example through the creation of new wildlife corridors.

It is a fact that there is more biodiversity of species living in the back gardens of residential development than in the wide open fields of monoculture agriculture. Although Building for Nature is a new initiative, caring for the natural environment is not a new issue for house builders.Delegates were welcomed by the Chair of Surrey Learning & Skills Council, Rob Douglas, who stressed the need to work together in partnership.

Currently the South East is facing skill shortages across a number of sectors. In the Information Technology (IT) industry, 18% of employers in the region have problems recruiting staff for IT positions and over a third say their workforce is not fully proficient1. Head of Learning & Skills at SEEDA, Kathy Slack, gave SEEDA’s vision for the region, which aims for the South East to compete globally by achieving world class skills. She said,   We need to join forces with our partners to tackle the problem of skills shortages.

The SE Skills Audit 2000 found that 23% of managers in the region have not received any training in the last 10 years. . A property valuation, whether did by a home masters, a surveyor or by using an AVM (customized valuation model) is simply an assessment, it can be never be seen as one hundred percent exact on account of the puzzle included when connecting a figure. The scheme, ‘Fixing the Future’, is running in eight colleges in the South East and is now being replicated in other regions.

According to the South East Competitiveness Survey (July 2000), 21% of surveyed organisations claim that a shortage of suitable people to fill vacancies was a major concern to them and 39% say that their organisations have been affected by a shortage of suitable people to fill vacancies. That was the message at the recent South East England Regeneration Conference, held in Brighton.

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We want to work with existing local networks of Business Angels and encourage the Enterprise Hub Directors to be actively involved in promoting contacts between the Business Angels and young enterprises. A regional network will offer Business Angel investors access to a larger pool of growing businesses in the sectors that interest them.

Ms Neville-Rolfe added that the programme will be independently managed. As well as providing access to finance for SMEs, the Network will promote business to business mentoring and links with universities, and provide training for entrepreneurs in presenting their ideas.Developers, particularly housebuilders, are perceived by many to be the enemy of the natural environment, but this perception is false.  Have a look at few factors which make us stand different from other  Property and Real Estate Valuers.

SEEDA is already active in promoting the use of recycled materials and the incorporation of energy conservation measures in many of our developments, for example our flagship regeneration scheme in Chatham Maritime, Kent. Building for Nature – which is regionwide – takes this approach further by helping to ensure that respect for the environment, especially with regard to local wildlife, is included in any development proposals from the outset.

SEEDA’s Biodiversity Advisor, Simon Richardson, added:  We are not just accepting bare minimum environmental standards in construction. What Building for Nature aims to achieve is to give developers across the South East the opportunity to shape their proposals in a sustainable way, so that there are tangible net gains from each development.

Stakeholders from the fields of education, business support and government must work together with employers from key sectors to tackle the problems of skills shortages across the South East. Surrey, bringing together some 100 representatives from these groups for the first time.

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He continued:  I welcome the request from the Secretary of State that SEEDA should develop a regeneration strategy for Hastings. This must look to the future for the Hastings area, accessing 21st Century technology and not be imprisoned by the physical circumstances of Hastings, which have constrained development in the past.

This study we are commissioning today therefore starts with this new agenda. It will complement our wider work to ensure that the individual investment streams in the area work together with shared objectives, priorities and commitment to maximise the benefits to local communities.

• Has led the Chatham Maritime team since SEEDA’s inception in 1999 and has seen the project deliver tangible improvements to the local community.

• Enters a new phase this week with the appointment of Jonathan Sadler to succeed Justin Elcombe as Project Director.

• Jonathan said:  The future for the area is incredibly exciting – with good design and sustainability underpinning all our activities.

With Jonathan as Project Director, Chatham Maritime will continue to be the driving force for SEEDA’s highly imaginative programme of urban renewal.  For the proper investigation of A Business Property  there are many factors which are to be considered while examining a business completely. As the new man at the helm, Jonathan Sadler has over 15 years’ experience in urban regeneration and has worked with Justin on the Chatham Maritime project for the past two years.

To progress the imaginative housing on St Mary’s Island, and to ensure the successful opening of the Factory Outlet Shopping Centre. I am looking forward to continuing the dynamic transformation of the site to create a World Class living, working and leisure environment. Commenting on Jonathan’s appointment, SEEDA’s Director of Regeneration & Infrastructure, Paul Hudson, said:

Building on the experience of existing local networks, SEEDA expects a regional network to generate 350 investments within the first five years of operations, and enable £17.5 million of new Business Angel investment per year. Announcing details of the plans, the Director of SEEDA’s Business & International Division, Marianne Neville-Rolfe, said:

 The purpose of the Enterprise Hub Business Angel Network will be to increase availability and access to early stage finance by bringing investors and new companies together. She added  We have seen two major trends in recent Business Angel activity that can be harnessed in the South East.